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A drug arrest for both misdemeanor and felony drug charges can result in serious consequences. Drug crime defense lawyer Seth P. Chazin utilizes thorough investigations, strategic negotiations, and aggressive representation before charges are filed to successfully resolve drug charges in the Bay area. He also provides seasoned representation in all stages of a criminal case, from arrest through trial, and on appeal, if necessary. Contact Mr. Chazin for a free consultation and immediate assistance.

Narcotics Defense for 30 years

Mr. Chazin has been representing criminal defendants in both major and minor drug and narcotics cases since 1988. He has handled thousands of misdemeanor, felony, and juvenile drug and narcotics cases in both state and federal court. He has the experience, knowledge, and determination to effectively represent clients facing charges involving cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, prescription drugs, and other drugs, including:

  • Drug possession or possession for sale
  • Possession with intent
  • Drug manufacturing or cultivation
  • Drug importation or drug trafficking
  • Drug sales or distribution
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Under the influence of illegal narcotics
  • Other related drug crimes

Federal Drug Crime Defense

Federal drug cases often involve extensive investigations by the DEA or other investigative agency. Once a defendant has become aware of an ongoing investigation or impending charges, there is often little one can do because such extensive evidence has already been obtained, such as wiretap and surveillance evidence. Seth P. Chazin has the experience and aggressive defense tactics to provide effective federal drug crime defense, even in cases with incriminating evidence.

Relentless Drug Crime Representation

Attorney Chazin uses an aggressive, concerted, plan of attack to defend you against drug charges. Mr. Chazin's drug crime practice emphasizes protecting your constitutional rights. He is highly knowledgeable and skilled in the area of search and seizure and has argued, on hundreds of occasions, that evidence was illegally seized and should not be admitted into evidence. His aggressive strategies include:

  • Filing Motions to Dismiss the charges based on illegal search and seizure
  • Initiating private investigations immediately including background investigations of key witnesses
  • Conducting witness interviews including interviews of eyewitnesses, police, informants, etc.
  • Meticulously analyzing photographs, videos, and tape recordings
  • Polygraph examinations
  • Retaining doctors, chemists, and other professional experts to analyze physical evidence and conduct forensic examinations

While each defense strategy is based upon the facts of the individual case, each client receives the vigorous defense representation that is necessary to protect one's criminal record, rights, and future.

First Offense Drug Charges

There are various ways to KEEP YOUR RECORD CLEAN of a criminal conviction through the use of Prop 36 or other diversion programs. Mr. Chazin is knowledgeable of California drug laws and the potential alternative drug penalties. Call 800.499.9902 for a free lawyer consultation for further drug crime information.

Victories/Successful Defenses

Currently representing several defendants in major federal wiretap international drug-conspiracy cases, Attorney Chazin is respected for his proven record of success in defending clients accused of selling, distributing, possessing, or conspiring to distribute or possess narcotics.

  • 1203.4 DISMISSAL: Client charged with Felony violation of H & S code Section 11530 - Possession of Marijuana and Cultivation in Santa Cruz County.  17(b) Motion to reduce to a misdemeanor granted as well as Motion for Dismissal pursuant to Penal Code Section 1203.4.
  • Drug sale: (Pre-file drug case) client sold drugs to undercover police officer in Richmond, Contra Costa County, California - NO CHARGES FILED
  • International drug trafficking: International importation of narcotics case in which client actually set up the importation scheme – received probation and no jail time
  • Drug distribution and sale: International narcotics ring case involving more than 20 co-defendants in a major Federal wiretap case. Client was facing nearly 25 years in prison for the distribution and sale of heroin, but his case was negotiated down to nearly “Credit for time served” meaning that he received one of the lowest sentences of anyone involved
  • Drug transportation and sale: Pre-file allegations of transportation and sales of narcotics – NO CHARGES FILED
  • Cocaine possession: Client charged with possession for sale of cocaine base (crack) – Motion to suppress evidence was granted and the case was dismissed
  • Theft and drug possession: Pre-file; Client accused of auto burglary and possession and transportation of drugs – NO CHARGES FILED
  • Drug transaction: Client seen by police purchasing drugs on the street within 15-20 feet of the cop. Mr. Chazin's motion to suppress evidence was granted and the case was dismissed after arguing there was no probable cause to search the client despite observing an apparent narcotics transaction
  • Client committed 3rd DUI and possessed cocaine in vehicle. Drug charges DISMISSED. No jail time.

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If you face misdemeanor or felony drug crime charges, contact defense attorney Seth Chazin for a free consultation to discuss your rights and defense strategy.


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