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White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crime Lawyer in San Francisco

The FBI, Secret Service, United States Postal Inspector, U.S. Customs and other law enforcement agencies will meticulously investigate an individual for months or even years prior to pursuing white collar crime charges. As a result, the evidence they gather can often be substantial and incriminating.

Not surprisingly, the conviction rate for white collar crime is extremely high. However, an experienced and knowledgeable white collar crime lawyer in San Francisco may be able to keep charges from being filed, get charges dismissed, help reduce the charges through negotiations with prosecutors, or vigorously fight the charges in court.

Bay Area Attorney Aggressively Defending Your Future

White collar crimes attorney Seth P. Chazin aggressively defends clients charged with white collar crimes and strives to protect their future. For nearly 30 years, Mr. Chazin's expertise and tenacity has led to many successful results in serious white collar crime cases.

Mr. Chazin represents professionals, businessmen and businesswomen and others facing the consequences of felony and misdemeanor white collar crime charges that range from identity theft to complicated money laundering schemes. His clients has included executives, doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects, educators, real estate brokers and sales representatives, among others.

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What Constitutes a White Collar Crime?

White collar crimes are criminal offenses typically committed against an employer or business by a professional, employee, businessperson or public official. White collar crimes include both felony and misdemeanor offenses which can be filed in state or federal court. However, most charges are felonies that are prosecuted in federal courts.

Attorney Chazin has been recognized by Dateline NBC and NBC News as "one of the top experts in the field." His decades of experience combined with his thorough knowledge of the law enable him to provide unparalleled representation as a criminal defense attorney in cases involving allegations of:

Pre-File Representation and Success

In federal investigations, there are often extensive records and incriminating evidence. Whenever possible, Attorney Chazin will focus his efforts on pre-file representation. Intercepting and terminating investigations at an early stage is a very important element of a successful white collar criminal defense.

Seth P. Chazin mitigates evidence against clients, holds discussions with the alleged business victim, and negotiates with the prosecutor on behalf of his clients. This negotiation frequently results in investigations being dropped without formal charges or in lesser charges being filed. He can also help you understand federal sentencing guidelines. He aggressively negotiates for reduced sentences, when appropriate.


Successful White Collar Crime Defenses from an Experienced Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Mortgage fraud: A mortgage broker was charged with committing mortgage fraud resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of loss. Client was not a citizen and risked being deported. Aggressive negotiation with the DA and the judge resulted in probation, no actual jail time and no deportation.

Securities fraud: Client confessed to a major stock/securities fraud involving more than $800,000 — no charges filed.

Money laundering: Defendant in major federal wiretap, money laundering and extortion ring — case dismissed.

Embezzlement: Accountant embezzled thousands of dollars from employer — no charges filed.


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