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Violent Crimes

Violent crimes can range anywhere from Murder and attempted murder, assault, battery, gang crimes, vehicular manslaughter, domestic violence. etc. Without an attorney that possesses the legal skills and experience in this field of law, you could find yourself in an extremely lengthy prison term or even sentenced to death. The Law Offices of Seth P. Chazin specialize in violent crimes and will work closely with clients to get favorable results for clients accuse with any of these crimes.

Some of the violent crimes that Seth P. Chazin deals with include:

In California violent crimes can be very serious crimes. The penalties for committing such crimes can have lasting consequences. The severity of the punishment is dependent on the type of crime committed and under what circumstances. For instance, in California, determining whether you face a misdemeanor or a felony for a battery charge or an assault charge could depend on the age of the victim, the severity of the injury or the use of a weapon.

Violent crimes can have harsh penalties. Depending on the crime and the circumstance, penalties for these crimes can range from a year of incarceration up to life in prison.

Yet, violent crimes can be challenged in many ways. The most common defense for a violent crime is self-defense or the defense of others, but the force you use for the defense has to be reasonable. For example, if you kill someone for coming towards you with a pencil or a stick, the judge would not see that as reasonable.

When facing violent crime charges, contact an attorney with experience, who has successfully defended hundreds of clients. Seth P. Chazin is the right attorney for you and will fight for your rights.


“The death penalty is a lie, a misguided mistake born of anger and frustration. Capital punishment has become a perverse monument to inequality, to how some lives matter and others do not. It is a violent example of how we protect and value the rich and abandon and devalue the poor. The death penalty is a grim, disturbing shadow formed by the legacy of racial apartheid and bias against the poor that condemns the disfavored among us, but corrupts us all. It’s the perverse symbol elected officials use to strengthen their ‘tough on crime’ reputations and distract us from confronting the causes of violence. It is finally the enemy of grace, redemption and all of us who recognize that each person is more than their worse act.”
- Bryan Stevenson