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San Francisco Defense Attorney

A serious criminal charge can mean a life-changing conviction without a strong defense attorney on your side. However, it can be a challenge to find a San Francisco defense attorney with the experience, knowledge, and negotiating skills you need to aggressively defend your rights.

Seth P. Chazin is a San Francisco defense attorney with over 25 years of experience defending thousands of people in the Bay Area accused of serious crimes. With Seth P. Chazin's history of legal success, you can rest assured your case is in good hands.

Efficient Prosecution Intervention At The State And Federal Level

Whether you are facing state or federal criminal charges, it is critical to consult with a San Francisco defense attorney as soon as possible. Quick and efficient intervention can keep criminal charges from escalating or from being filed in the first place.

As a top rated attorney at AVVO and with many major victories under his belt, Seth P. Chazin has succeeded in getting prosecutors to drop charges before they are filed in court. Criminal charges of possession of child pornography, child molestation, sexual battery, domestic violence and even murder have all been dropped in the past as a result of Seth P. Chazin's experienced defense strategies.

In the event these criminal charges cannot be dropped, Seth P. Chazin will work with you to minimize prosecution to get you the best deal or outcome possible. Mr. Chazin works closely with his clients to gather evidence, analyze and evaluate information, and develop strong strategies for optimal results.

It is crucial to contact and consult with a San Francisco defense attorney as soon as you know you have been accused of a serious crime. The law offices of Seth P. Chazin are available to you for a free consultation if you need help with a grave legal matter. Contact us today, over the phone or in person, free of charge and we will do all that we can to defend your rights.


“The death penalty is a lie, a misguided mistake born of anger and frustration. Capital punishment has become a perverse monument to inequality, to how some lives matter and others do not. It is a violent example of how we protect and value the rich and abandon and devalue the poor. The death penalty is a grim, disturbing shadow formed by the legacy of racial apartheid and bias against the poor that condemns the disfavored among us, but corrupts us all. It’s the perverse symbol elected officials use to strengthen their ‘tough on crime’ reputations and distract us from confronting the causes of violence. It is finally the enemy of grace, redemption and all of us who recognize that each person is more than their worse act.”
- Bryan Stevenson