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Unemployment Insurance (EDD) Fraud in California

The State of California has prioritized prosecutions related to unemployment insurance fraud, attorney Seth P. Chazin has successfully defended numerous clients accused of Unemployment Insurance / EDD fraud (California Unemployment Insurance Code 2101 or Penal Code section 550).  Examples of insurance fraud can occur, for example, anytime when someone makes a false statement, knowingly conceals a material fact, or uses any sort of false identification to alter benefits or payments, whether it's for you or for someone else.  

Unemployment insurance fraud charges arise in numerous circumstances such as:

  • failing to report all income or working while receiving UI benefits (double-dipping)
  • continuing to certify for benefits after obtaining new employment
  • failing to report changes in your circumstances
  • earning income under the table
  • collecting unemployment benefits from another state while living in California

Possible penalties for Unemployment Insurance / EDD fraud include:

  • possible prosecution
  • possible jail or prison sentences
  • repaying UI benefits along with a 30% penalty
  • loss of future income tax refunds
  • eligibility for future benefits could be revoked

It is important to understand that you could be facing jail or prison time, be subject to additional fines and a criminal record if you are convicted of unemployment insurance fraud. You may also be required to pay all of your benefits back to the state along with a 30% penalty or fines, and you will likely find it difficult to obtain employment, housing, or receive any other state benefits in the future. Do not face these charges alone. If you've been accused of Unemployment Insurance/EDD fraud, it is important to seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney today. Allegations of fraud are very serious and can lead to felony charges. 

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