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DUI/DWI Case Results

Contra Costa County Client Charges for DUI Reduced and No Jail Time Served

Client arrested in Contra Costa County for a misdemeanor violation of Vehicle Code
Section 23152(a) – (driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage) and violation
of Vehicle Code Section 23152(b) – (blood alcohol of .08% or higher). Despite a blood-
alcohol level well over the legal limit, and the fact that client had a prior DUI conviction,
charges reduced to a lesser offense, Penal Code Section 23103.5 – (Wet Reckless) and
had to serve no jail time.


“The death penalty is a lie, a misguided mistake born of anger and frustration. Capital punishment has become a perverse monument to inequality, to how some lives matter and others do not. It is a violent example of how we protect and value the rich and abandon and devalue the poor. The death penalty is a grim, disturbing shadow formed by the legacy of racial apartheid and bias against the poor that condemns the disfavored among us, but corrupts us all. It’s the perverse symbol elected officials use to strengthen their ‘tough on crime’ reputations and distract us from confronting the causes of violence. It is finally the enemy of grace, redemption and all of us who recognize that each person is more than their worse act.”
- Bryan Stevenson