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Oakland Attorney: Online Solicitation of a Minor Defense

Internet solicitation of a minor is a serious offense in the San Francisco Bay area and throughout California. Extensive time and resources are put into catching potential child molesters before they have a chance to harm young individuals. Unfortunately, people can get caught in these traps and prosecuted for a crime they never even intended to commit.

If you have been arrested for Internet solicitation, it is crucial to have an attorney experienced in defending sex crime cases.

San Francisco Internet solicitation charges attorney Seth P. Chazin has over 25 years of experience handling these sensitive matters. He thoroughly understands the California laws regarding these cases. He knows how to use them to put together a strong defense on a client's behalf. You can count on him to provide a vigorous and aggressive defense for you.

Seth P. Chazin represents clients who have been accused of soliciting sex from a minor. Contact his San Francisco area law office at 1-800-499-9902 for a free, confidential consultation. Telephones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Online Solicitation Defense

You chatted online with an individual. You arranged to meet him or her at an arranged location. Suddenly, you find yourself being escorted down to the police station. Even in circumstances such as this one, there are defenses available that can reduce or even eliminate your sex offense charge.

Police officers often pose as young children in an attempt to catch potential predators. In the process, or during the arrest, they may violate your rights. Seth Chazin knows when the police have gone too far and can use it to your advantage when preparing your defense and negotiating with prosecutors.

The prosecution has the burden of proving intent in online solicitation cases. Attorney Chazin asks the right questions to challenge the prosecution's evidence and turn the tables in your case:

  • Did the photo you received of the alleged victim appear as if the minor was older?
  • Did the alleged victim claim he/she was an adult?
  • Did the alleged victim use language that would lead someone to believe that he/she is older than the actual age?

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