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Money Laundering

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Money laundering is the process of disguising money obtained by illegal means to appear as if it came from a legitimate transaction. Due to the seriousness of these crimes, the penalties can be severe and may include steep fines and prison time. Additionally, money laundering charges often accompany other serious criminal charges. For example, someone may be charged with money laundering in connection with distributing narcotics or operating a drug ring.

Have you been charged with money laundering or another white collar crime? It is essential you retain the services of an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney.

Seth P. Chazin is a highly respected criminal defense lawyer. He has been recognized by his peers and the bar for his exceptional service. Using his 30 years of experience, access to experts and resources, and his skills in both negotiations and litigation, he works to obtain the best possible outcome in a case.

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The authorities often investigate money laundering cases for weeks, months or even years prior to filing charges. Therefore, early intervention by a criminal defense attorney can prove to be highly advantageous. In some cases where he was retained for pre-file representation, Mr. Chazin has been able to get the case dismissed before money laundering charges were filed.

Even if charges are filed, Mr. Chazin will provide you with a highly skilled defense. His carefully crafted defense strategies challenge the prosecution's assumptions and put his clients in the best possible position to obtain acquittal at trial or reduce the charges.

Some of Mr. Chazin's successful white collar cases include:

  • Client was charged with two felony counts of grand theft and embezzlement. Attorney Chazin was able to reduce both counts to misdemeanors with no jail time.
  • Client was accused of involvement in an international Internet fraud operation. Through aggressive representation, Mr. Chazin was able to prevent charges from being filed.
  • Client was accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a church he attended and worked at. Mr. Chazin aggressively attacked the prosecution's case, resulting in no jail time.

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