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Fraud & Embezzlement

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Have you been charged with fraud or embezzlement? These felony offenses often involve large amounts of money, and thus, the penalties can be very severe. A conviction can destroy both an individual's career and his or her family. You should immediately retain the services of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer.

San Francisco fraud defense attorney Seth P. Chazin has over 30 years of experience defending clients charged with serious felony offenses. Mr. Chazin initially concentrates his defense strategies on pre-file intervention and has successfully resolved many cases before charges were ever filed. However, if formal charges have been brought against you, he is a powerful advocate dedicated to protecting your rights and your future.

Seth P. Chazin represents many clients facing accusations of fraud or embezzlement. Call his San Francisco Bay Area law office at 1-800-499-9902 to schedule a free, confidential consultation. Telephones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Aggressively Defending Against Fraud and Embezzlement Accusations

Fraud involves the specific intent to defraud, commit theft or any other crime of deceit. Embezzlement involves theft or larceny committed by an employee or a professional in a position of trust. Fraud and embezzlement charges are very serious and are often prosecuted in federal court.

As an experienced white collar crime defense lawyer, Seth P. Chazin provides an aggressive and thorough defense to clients who either are under investigation or have been charged with fraud or embezzlement. This includes allegations of:

  • Employee embezzlement
  • Mail or wire fraud
  • Consumer fraud
  • Accounting fraud
  • Computer fraud
  • Bank or mortgage fraud
  • Money laundering

Proactive Fraud and Embezzlement Defense

Many businesses and employers are content to resolve embezzlement or fraud cases without the added time and expense of litigation or trial. Therefore, if cases are resolved through an early informal resolution, sometimes with restitution, investigations may cease before charges are ever filed.

Seth P. Chazin is an intuitive defense lawyer with an exceptional success record handling these cases. He has excellent working relationships with judges, prosecutors, investigators and other professionals. In every white collar criminal case, he uses both his carefully honed negotiating skills and extensive trial experience to work toward a dismissal of charges, a "Not Guilty" verdict, or other successful resolution.

Successful Fraud and Embezzlement Cases

  • Embezzlement: Client with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, including prior arrests, was prosecuted for embezzling nearly $20,000 from employer. The client received probation with no jail time.
  • Pre-file federal fraud: Fraud allegations following a highly publicized investigation by the United States Attorneys' Office of an Internet scam. Extensive and aggressive negotiations resulted in no charges filed.
  • Social Security fraud: Pre-file federal fraud involving Social Security benefits — no charges filed.
  • Securities fraud: Client confessed to major stock/securities fraud involving more than $800,000 — no charges filed.
  • Embezzlement: Client accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from two employers over the course of several years. All felony charges dismissed. Client admitted to a single misdemeanor count with no jail time and possible expungement of record after 18 months.


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- Bryan Stevenson