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Sex Crime Case Successes

Victories/Successful Defenses for Sex Crime Cases Handled By Seth Chazin

San Francisco Bay Area criminal defense attorney Seth P. Chazin has won acquittals (NOT GUILTY verdicts) in sex crimes cases where the client was accused of rape, child molestation and similar charges. He has successfully represented clients in felony and misdemeanor sex crimes cases in both federal and state court.

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CONVICTION REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR: San Francisco client convicted of a felony violation of Penal Code Section 311.11(a) – (Possession of Child Pornography). Despite having thousands of photos and hundreds of videos, the San Francisco Superior Court granted our motion to reduce the conviction to a misdemeanor.  Client will now be categorized as a Tier One offender and is eligible to get off Penal Code Section 290 registration in 10 years instead of 20 or more years.

ALL CHARGES DISMISSED IN MAJOR GANG RAPE CASE: client, charged with two other defendants in Oakland, Alameda County, California, allegedly drugged and gang-raped a 19 year-old woman. Extensive defense fact and forensic investigation and disclosure of impeachment evidence caused all charges to be dropped against client who was facing more than forty years in prison. Additional charges of possession of marijuana for sale, forgery and receiving stolen property also dismissed.

CASE DISMISSED IN CHILD PORNOGRAPHY CASE - Client was charged with possession of many images of child pornography in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California. Client actually confessed to possession of the child pornography and destroyed some computer components which the police later found. However, forensic analysis and legal research, along with tough negotiations and aggressive stance with the district attorney resulted in all charges being dismissed after we proved that there was no way to prove that the client knowingly possessed child pornography.

A pre-file allegation of rape by a teenager who had been befriended by the family was never prosecuted after client passed a polygraph and his verifiable explanations were communicated to the District Attorney - NO CHARGES FILED.

Prostitution charges dismissed, followed by a factual finding of innocence, so that the defendant has NO criminal record.

NOT GUILTY verdicts or mistrials/dismissals: People vs. Michael Gardner, People vs. Michael Lee, People vs. Kevin Larry and others.

  • 2004 - Alleged child Molest - NO CHARGES FILED
  • 2003 - Alleged child Molest - NO CHARGES FILED
  • 2002 - Alleged child Molest - NO CHARGES FILED

Major federal wiretap case with 20+ Co-defendants, client accused of Importation of Prostitutes. Client was refugee, raised in U.S. facing 20 years in prison and deportation – CLIENT NOT DEPORTED, ADMITTED LESSER OFFENSE, SERVED MINIMUM TIME.

Sex Offender Registration-Meagan's List- We convinced the Department of Justice in TWO separate cases to remove each client from the Meagan's List database.

Client committed child molest against his daughter every week for more than one year. Daughter had previously been a victim of rape by a stranger during a home invasion robbery. CLIENT GRANTED PROBATION - DID NOT HAVE TO SERVE A SINGLE DAY IN JAIL.

Client caught trying to communicate with female minor and distributing large amounts of child pornography to undercover cop. Aggressive pre-trial investigation and use of expert witnesses results in client not having to serve any time in jail.

Client accused of possession of child pornography and failing to register as a sex offender in violation of Penal Code section 290. NO CHARGES FILED

Client accused in two different cases in two different counties of sexually assaulting and/or battering victim. Aggressive investigation, pre-file preparation and negotiations resulted in NO CHARGES FILED in either case.

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