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Child Molestation

Experienced San Francisco Lawyer Handling Child Molestation Defense

Child molestation charges can be initiated by a single complaint by a single person. They are some of the most serious charges that a criminal defendant can ever face. In fact, lives can be devastated by false or unjust accusations.

If you are facing child molestation charges, it is absolutely crucial to have an experienced lawyer who will aggressively protect your rights and work to preserve your future. Your life as you know it may be on the line.

San Francisco attorney Seth P. Chazin has over 30 years of experience handling these sensitive matters. He provides a vigorous defense to clients facing child molestation charges or other sex offense charges.

Seth P. Chazin represents professional and non-professional clients alike facing the damaging effects of child molestation accusations.  To learn more click the link about what you need to know when you are under investigation.

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Aggressive Oakland Child Sexual Assault Defense

Seth P. Chazin provides child molestation representation to clients in San Francisco, Oakland, and throughout the Bay Area. He utilizes intense investigation, expert investigation and testimony, professional evaluations and negotiation to effectively defend against charges involving allegations of:

Minimizing or Avoiding Sex Crime Penalties

Conviction for child molestation can result in sentences ranging from months to years to life in prison. In addition, child molestation convictions almost always result in lifetime registration as a sex-offender under Penal Code 290 or the Adam Walsh Act, forever impacting an individual's reputation, job opportunities and relationships with family and friends.

Seth P. Chazin employs a proven defense strategy aimed at avoiding conviction, prison or jail sentences and sex offender registration. He has enjoyed exceptional success in obtaining probation instead of prison for clients accused of child molestation through pre-file representation and an aggressive defense.

Post-Conviction Relief

DID YOU KNOW? If you have been notified of an investigation but not yet charged - it is extremely important to start your defense immediately. Mr. Chazin has had a very high rate of success in seeing that charges are never filed when he is retained to defend his client before charges are filed.

DID YOU KNOW? There IS a way to eliminate the obligation to register as a sex-offender for certain sex offenses? First, you must obtain an expungement pursuant to Penal Code section 1203.4 from the court in which you were convicted. Then you must obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation from your county of residence. Call for immediate assistance to determine whether your obligation to register as a sex-offender can be eliminated.

Successful Child Molestation Defenses

A pre-file allegation of rape by a teenager, befriended by the family, was never prosecuted after client passed a polygraph and his verifiable explanations were communicated to the District Attorney - no charges filed.

Client accused of molesting his minor daughter every week for more than one year. Daughter had previously been a victim of rape by a stranger during a home invasion robbery. Client granted probation - did not serve a single day of incarceration.

Client contacted alleged 13 year-old girl through the internet and engages in lewd conversation and sends pornographic photographs to alleged minor. Client then travels 60 miles to meet girl and cops are waiting for client when he arrives —no time in custody.

Client charged with numerous counts of molesting his daughter. Acquitted by Jury.

Client charged with numerous counts of child molestation. Hung Jury. All charges later dismissed.

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