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Sex Offender Registration - Not Required

In Washington State in 1983, our client plead guilty to one Count of “Indecent Liberties”.  In 2011, client moved to California and was informed by the California Department of Justice that he has to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code Section 290. After extensive investigation, we determined that our client's conviction in Washington State did not meet the Least Adjudicated Elements Test for the corresponding California offense (lewd conduct with a minor under 14 years of age), violation of Penal Code section 288 (a). After submitting our arguments to the California Department of Justice, the Sex Offender Tracking Unit conceded our arguments and relieved our client from the obligation to register as a sex offender pursuant to California Penal Code 290.

Seth Chazin

Seth P. Chazin has aggressively defended clients in thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases for over 30 years. He has extensive experience representing criminal defendants in federal and state court, while handling both state and federal appeals as well.


“The death penalty is a lie, a misguided mistake born of anger and frustration. Capital punishment has become a perverse monument to inequality, to how some lives matter and others do not. It is a violent example of how we protect and value the rich and abandon and devalue the poor. The death penalty is a grim, disturbing shadow formed by the legacy of racial apartheid and bias against the poor that condemns the disfavored among us, but corrupts us all. It’s the perverse symbol elected officials use to strengthen their ‘tough on crime’ reputations and distract us from confronting the causes of violence. It is finally the enemy of grace, redemption and all of us who recognize that each person is more than their worse act.”
- Bryan Stevenson