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6 Qualities That Make a Good White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer

Posted by Seth Chazin | Feb 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

There are 5,317 white collar crime arrests made for every 100,000 Americans. Like a deer caught in the headlights, white collar crime accusations can make anyone confused with no idea what to do next. Among the best decisions you can make in such a case is seeking the help of a seasoned white collar criminal defense attorney. Pinpointing the best white collar crime lawyer San Francisco can offer is not an easy task. Read on to learn what white collar crime is and tips on getting a reliable white collar criminal defense lawyer.

White Collar Crime

This refers to business related, non-violent crime usually committed for monetary gain. Both corporations and individuals can be part of white collar crime. Relevant examples of this type of crime are:

  • Bribery
  • Extortion
  • Flouting Securities and Exchange rules and regulations
  • Money laundering
  • Fraud to do with insurance, hedge fund, bankruptcy, mortgage, health care, etc.
  • Embezzlement
  • Tax evasion

Let us now take a closer look at effective ways of selecting an excellent white collar crime lawyer.

1. Experience

White collar crimes can be rather complex and an experienced white collar crime attorney is the best person to handle the matter. As a rule of thumb, the more years of experience a lawyer has in dealing with such cases, the better. A lawyer who has over the years handled white collar crime cases has already learned the ropes. Therefore, they know the right buttons to press to help you out. Not to say that younger attorneys lack what it takes, but the fact is that you'll be safer in experienced hands.

2. Remarkable Track Record

Experience isn't the only factor to consider because it should go hand-in-hand with an excellent track record. A white collar criminal defense attorney who seems to be on a winning streak means that you'll likely become part of the statistics. On the flip side, one who is every so often on the losing end isn't the best. Avoid such a lawyer because you will waste precious time and perhaps pay a fortune and then potentially lose your case or have a poor outcome. In order to get this right, checking the lawyer's past record is important.

3. Attitude

Going for a white collar criminal defense attorney with a positive and aggressive attitude makes all the difference. There are a lot of moving parts when dealing with white collar crime and the process can at times be exhausting. An attorney with a tough skin as well as one with an attitude of not giving up will keep going, even when faced with potential setbacks. No matter what you are up against, the lawyer's attitude can be what determines success or otherwise.

4. Keeps You Posted

Being accused of fraud, for example, can make you restless as you've no idea what the end result will be. A white collar criminal defense attorney who keeps you informed every step of the way will help keep anxiety at bay. Not having your finger on the pulse means that you'll wonder if you hired the right person for the job. 

5. Your Mental Health Matters

Court cases are the last thing anyone would wish for as this can be an overwhelming experience. This is more so for anyone taking this journey for the first time. A seasoned attorney should always tell when a client seems to be reaching their breaking point. Such circumstances call for collaborating with professionals such as counseling psychologists. Always go for an attorney who understands your concerns and fears, instead of overlooking them.


6. Honest

There are times when lawyers give their clients false hope and this is the last thing you need given what's at stake. A professional white collar criminal defense attorney knows that honesty is the best policy. Such a lawyer will tell you about their take on your case at the outset. Having an idea of all the possible outcomes means that nothing will takeyou off-guard.

Bottom Line

White collar crime can feel as though you're trapped in a maze. Fortunately, hiring a competent white collar criminal defense lawyer can help you find a way out of the rut. With the above tips, you now know how to get the best attorney that will present a strong case in court.

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Seth Chazin

Seth P. Chazin has aggressively defended clients in thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases for over 30 years. He has extensive experience representing criminal defendants in federal and state court, while handling both state and federal appeals as well.


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