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Charged With a Sex Crime? 3 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Lawyer

Posted by Seth Chazin | Mar 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

If you've recently been charged with a sex crime, including the possession of child pornography Penal Code section 311.11 you need to know that you have options when it comes to legal representation.

Sex crimes include offenses such as indecent exposure, prostitution, and rape. When you're facing sex crime charges, you need to have the right sex crime lawyer defending you. Getting the right sex crime lawyer will make all the difference, especially since your freedom is on the line.

Before you make a permanent decision that will impact the rest of your life, here are three important things you need to know before hiring a sex crime lawyer.

You Need to Understand the Severity of the Charges You're Facing

The first thing you need to do before hiring a sex crime lawyer is to understand how severe the charges against you are. You could be facing a misdemeanor charge or you could have felony charges brought against you for more serious sex crimes.

Statistics show that there's a 50.8% chance of an arrest being made if a rape is reported. There's also an 80% chance of prosecution if that arrest is made. Those kinds of statistics make it clear that the charges being brought against you are serious, and that you must give a lot of thought to the sex crime attorney you want representing you in court.

You Must Hire a Lawyer that Specializes in Sex Crimes Defense

A lot of people may think that hiring a general criminal defense lawyer will do the trick, and they'll get the defense they need in court. However, that's simply not the case.

When picking your defense, it's important to pick a sex crimes defense lawyer to represent you. A sex crimes defense lawyer will know how to defend you properly in this delicate situation.

It's also important to do a lot of research on these lawyers. You want to pick a sex crime lawyer that has a good track record in local, state, and/or federal court. Your freedom is on the line here, so you want to make sure you're legally in good hands.

You Need to Hire a Lawyer You Can Trust

Being charged with a sex crime is an incredibly serious offense. In order to get the best defense possible, you must be 100% honest with your lawyer from day one.

If you're meeting with a sex crime lawyer and you don't trust them, don't be afraid to back out and look for another one. If you can't trust your lawyer to look out for your interest during this time, then they're simply not worth it. You need to know that your lawyer is doing all they can to defend you. Otherwise, it's simply a waste of your time that could cost you your freedom.

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