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United States Crime Statistics for 2013 Released

Posted by Seth Chazin | May 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

Each year the United States Sentencing Commission releases statistics on federal crimes which often are used by the Commission when the Commission drafts new guidelines or amends the current United States Sentencing Guidelines. The 2013 statistics were recently released. The statistics are categorized using factors such as primary offenses, sentencing information, types of crime, states, etc. According to the Commission, the number of total federal criminal offenses committed (based on convictions only) in the United States in 2012 was 84,173 and in 2013 was 80,035. Further highlights include:

· The number of Fraud offenses in 2012 was 8,634, 10.3% of total crimes. In 2013, fraud cases made up 7,840 of the offenses, totaling only 9.8% of all crimes.

· Embezzlement offenses in 2012 were 326, or 0.4% of total crimes. In 2013, embezzlement offenses rose to 341, though the percentage of all crimes remained at 0.4%.

· Money Laundering crimes in 2012 made up 822 of all offenses, or 1% of all crimes, while in 2013, the number of money laundering crimes rose to 829, again still 1% of all crimes.

· There were 876 forgery offenses in 2012, which made up 1% of total offenses. In 2013, forgery offenses decreased to 731, making up only 0.9% of the total number of crimes.

· There were 2,014 Child Pornography offenses in 2012, which made up 2.4% of all convictions. In 2013, the number of child pornography offenses decreased slightly to 1,922, still 2.4% of total crimes.

Overall offenders in each primary offense category in 2013 are as follows:

3.5% Non-Fraud White Collar Crimes

9.8% Fraud Crimes

1.7% Larceny Crimes

31.2% Immigration Crimes

10.1% Firearm Crimes

2.4% Child Pornography Crimes

31.2% Drug Crimes

10.1% Other

Race of Offenders in 2013

· Fraud total: 7,262—White: 3,274, Black: 2,131, Hispanic: 1,395, Other: 462

· Embezzlement total: 320—White: 180, Black:76, Hispanic:33, Other:31

· Forgery total: 721—White: 278, Black:307, Hispanic: 90, Other:46

· Money Laundering total: 819—White:300, Black: 125, Hispanic:339, Other:55

· Child Pornography total: 1.920—White: 1,604, Black: 73, Hispanic:211, Other: 32

Gender of Offenders in 2013

· Fraud total: 7,789—Male : 5,297, Female:2,492

· Embezzlement total: 338—Male:145, Female:193

· Forgery total: 726—Male: 545,Female: 181

· Bribery total: 256—Male :195, Female:61

· Money Laundering total: 828—Male:628, Female: 200

· Child Pornography total: 1,922—Male: 1,897, Female: 25

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